American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair cat is a very quiet cat, a perfect companion for children and the elderly. He also gets along well with other pets such as dogs and cats. Since he is not too active, he can live happily in a small flat or apartment. This type of American Rough-Haired cat is a very faithful, intelligent, loving and, above all, clean feline. An important detail is that they are one of the longest living cat breeds, living more than 20 years. These cats will keep you company for years and years.

American wirehair Cat

General information about the breed

The American Wirehair came naturally. Its origin goes back to New York City in 1966, when a male cat with coarse, curly hair down to whiskers was born in a litter of kittens. A kitten breeder warned of the possibility that this rare cat was a new breed that was unknown. So she crossed the Wirehair with a straight-haired cat, and from that crossing 2 more Wirehair were born.

As time went by, they were crossed with the American Shorthair to keep the breed healthy; this had a direct influence on the shape of the American Wirehair’s head, but its special coat was always kept. In 1978 the American Wirehair was recognized as a breed by CFA.

Breed characteristics

  • Body: strong and muscular, athletic and with firm bones.
  • Head: rounded, long muzzle, medium size.
  • Eyes: large and round, the color will depend on the coat, 2 colors are accepted.
  • Ears: narrow at the base, medium size and rounded at the tips.
  • Nose: small and wide.
  • Tail: fine in its entirety, the tip is rounded.
  • Paws: medium size, muscular.
  • Claws: small and rounded.
  • Weight: males between 6 and 8 kilos, females between 4 and 5 kilos.
  • Hair: medium long, hard, rough to the touch, in a wavy form with a pointed end.
  • Colors: almost all colors are accepted, given the unique characteristic of its coat, except for crosses with wild cats.

Personality and behaviour of the breed

The Rough-Haired American is a very sociable, intelligent, loving, independent, clean and playful cat. It is a breed recommended for living in apartments as it is not very active. He is an excellent companion for children, old people, dogs and other cats. The Wirehair is very attached to humans. It is one of the longest living breeds, living more than 20 years, so you can have a pet for many years if you take care of it properly.

Special care for the breed

This breed will need a weekly grooming, and every other day in times of hair shedding. It also needs a monthly bath, because its skin is oily. They usually have skin problems, so you should always give them an excellent quality food.