Balinese Cat

The Balinese cat or Balin is a very loving, playful and talkative cat. The tone of his voice is very soft and sweet, but he is a very jealous cat, so he is not recommended for living with small children or other animals. He adapts perfectly to the life in apartments, and for those who live in houses with park, they will not have many problems because he does not like to move away from his master. It is a very good option for lonely people.

Balinese cat breed

General information about the breed

The Balinese cat, is a cat that descends from the crossing of the Siamese cat and the Turkish Angora. Contrary to what is believed, the Balinese cat does not come from the island of Balin (Indonesia), but its name was given by its elegant movements that remind the dances of the dancers of this island.

The appearance of this breed took place in New York, at the end of the ’40s, but it was not until the ’70s that it was recognized as a breed by TICA. In 1975 this breed arrived in Europe and was recognized as a breed in the 80’s by FIFE.

Characteristics of the Balinese cat

  • Body: long and slender. Shoulders no wider than hips.
  • Weight: males between 2 1/2 and 3 1/3 kilos, females between 2 and 3 kilos.
  • Head: medium size, longer than wide.
  • Ears: large, broad-based and pointed.
  • Eyes: medium size, elliptical and blue.
  • Nose: long, wide and straight.
  • Tail: long, thin from the base to the tip, long hair.
  • Legs: slender, fine and long. The hind legs a little longer than the front ones.
  • Claws: small and oval.
  • Hair: fine and silky, moderately long, longer on shoulders and tail.

Accepted colors for the breed

Creamy white body, tail mask, legs and face must be of the same colour without any patches of other colour. The colors of the mask can be: brown, bluish gray, red, cream, and the Tabbi smoke.

Personality and behaviour of the breed

The Balinese cat is very loyal and usually chooses a single master to whom he will show more affection than any other member of the family, even can be totally indifferent to any other person. He is very playful, sweet and talkative, his voice is very soft and harmonious. But he is very jealous, so it is not recommended in homes with small children or other animals, especially cats. The Balinese cat is suitable for apartments because he is not very active, but he will ask us to play.

Special care for the breed

The Balinese or Balinese cat will need regular ear cleaning to avoid waxing and weekly brushing of hair especially on its tail, which is where it has the longest hair.

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