Maine Coon, the giant cat breed

The Maine Coon cat is one of the most popular giant cats in the world. This American cat breed is very old and is ideal to accompany small children, because, everything and its imposing size, is not aggressive. This cat can coexist with any other animal of comañía without any inconvenience. However, it is not recommended for life in small houses because it is a large animal and very active.

As we have commented, the Maine Coon stands out by its overcoat great size. It is considered a giant cat. Also they emphasize other characteristics like its long hair, the affectionate thing that is and playful that can be. As far as his health is concerned, we detail everything later in the article.

Maine Coon, a giant cat breed

General information about the Maine Coon breed

The Maine Coon is a breed that originated in the United States, in 1878, in the state of Maine (hence its name). It came from the crossing of Angora and British Longhair cats and later had crosses with other cats from Russia and Scandinavian countries. In 2007 he was officially accepted as a breed by TICA.

Characteristics of Maine coon cats

  • Body: large size.
  • Weight: males between 7 and 11 kilos, females between 4 and 7 kilos.
  • Head: rounded, big and with firm contours.
  • Eyes: large and oval. The color will depend on the coat.
  • Nose: long and wide.
  • Ears: large, broad-based and with tufts like those of the lynx.
  • Tail: medium length, thick and with abundant hair.
  • Legs: medium length, strong and muscular.
  • Claws: large and rounded.
  • Hair: long, dense, soft and silky.
  • Colors: the only colors that are not accepted are: chocolate and cinnamon, in any combination or pattern.

Giant cat personality and behaviour

The Maine Coon is a very playful cat, sociable (even with strangers), not very aggressive, meowing, and very active, so it is not recommended for apartment life because it will need space to run around. He can perfectly coexist with any pet without any inconvenience. However, he will appreciate the company of another cat.

Special care for the breed

The Maiine Coon breed will need to be brushed 2 or 3 times a week. She will also have to be very careful with her feeding as she has a tendency to overweight, and consequently, problems such as hip dysplasia.

Maine Coon Behavior

Most of these cats are not very talkative, but the tendency to vocalize may vary from individual to individual. Anecdotal evidence reports a gentle cooing.

Greedy / Wolverine
In all cases, an adequate diet to meet your high energy needs is essential. By offering food in interactive bowls, one offers a dynamic activity to their American Longhair at the same time as feeding them. In this way, greedy tendencies, if any, can be limited.

Need to exercise
It is important to maintain a daily routine that includes a variety of physical activities.

This big cat can sometimes be an explorer. Teaching your cat to wear a leash and harness can be useful for outdoor activities.

Compatibility with people and animals

The Maine Coon and the Dogs
Coexistence can be quite peaceful, as long as the introduction is gradual. A living environment with multiple high resting areas inaccessible to the dog allows the cat to escape unwanted contact.

The Maine Coon and other cats
Several factors influence good understanding between cats in a household, such as the way they present themselves to each other and their living environment. It is suggested that an environment with many hiding places and high observation posts be provided.

The Maine Coon and Children
Here’s a cat that’s big, with a human that’s small! Therefore, it is important to introduce each other gradually and gently. Never force unwanted contact. It is beneficial to take the time to properly supervise meetings, teach the children a respectful approach and make sure everyone gets along. Once this is done, the relationship between the Maine Coon and the children promises to be dynamic and rewarding!

The Maine Coon and the Elders
This great cat and a fairly quiet person can live together in a pleasant way, provided that the latter can take care of the activity needs of your cat.

Price of a Maine Coon cat

If you have been fascinated by this big cat and you are wondering how much does a Maine coon cat cost? You should know that for the purchase of a Maine coon kitten in breeding, it is necessary to have an average of between 900 and 1200 euros. However, this price can vary depending on several factors such as lineage, breeding, age or even sex. In your monthly budget, you should plan for about 40 euros/month to cover your needs, offering a quality diet and medical care to keep you in good health.