Napoleon or Minuet Cat

The recent Napoleon cat breed, also known as Minuet, stands out for being a very affectionate species, as well as adapting to live in houses and apartments. The Minuet cat is patient and tolerant, so it will be an excellent choice for small children’s pets. With respect to their health and care we will detail everything further in the report.

Napoleón or MInuet Cat

General information about the Napoleon breed

The Napoleon breed emerged in the early 90’s, as a result of the crossing of the Munchkin and Persian cat breeds. The result of this crossing was a beautiful kitten with short legs and a long whitish coat. The creator of this new breed decided to call them «Napoleon» because of their small stature. In 2001 he started the official breed registration at TICA, but he has not been recognized yet.

Characteristics of the Minuet breed:

  • Body: medium size, muscular and strong.
  • Weight: males between 4 and 5 kilos, females between 2 and 3 kilos.
  • Head: medium size, short muzzle and firm chin.
  • Eyes: large and round, the color will depend on the coat.
  • Nose: short and wide.
  • Ears: small, wide base and rounded finish.
  • Legs: short and muscular.
  • Claws: round and medium size.
  • Tail: long and raised when the cat is in motion.
  • Hair: can be short or long, soft, silky and shiny.
  • Colours: all colours are accepted.

Personality and behaviour of the Napoleon cat

The Napoleon race will be able to live without inconvenience in houses or apartments and live with small children. It is not recommended to live with aggressive or jealous cats, or with dogs, since with their small paws they could not defend themselves. It is a very active and playful animal. He loves heights and games. Besides, this kind of cats are not at all aggressive. On the contrary, they are very sociable cats, they love to be in human company and to receive affection and caresses.

Special care for the breed

Caring for the Napoleon species of cat will only require weekly brushing in the short haired varieties, and 2 or 3 times a week in the longer haired cats. This way we will keep their coat healthy and in good condition. As far as their feeding is concerned, these cats need good quality food so that their bones are strong and their coat healthy and beautiful.

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