Sphynx or Egyptian Cat

The Sphynx cat, also known as the Egyptian cat, contrary to what its name indicates, appeared in Canada and not in Egypt as one might think. It is a cat that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent because of its lack of hair. It is an ideal pet for the life in any type of housing, is an animal is very sociable and little aggressive. It can live with any pet and children without problems. The Sphynx is a very intelligent, cuddly, energetic, curious and playful cat. Despite popular belief, this is not a hypoallergenic cat and it does have fur, but it is more similar to a lint.

Sphinx cat hairless

General information about the Sphynx breed

The Sphynx breed, also called Sphynx, Egyptian cat or bald cat, is native to Canada. As we see, surprisingly its origin has nothing to do with its name. This species appeared in 1966 due to a mutation in a litter of short-haired kittens. In the same decade, other cats’ kittens with the same characteristics appeared in different litters. It was not until 1980 that a cat breeder became interested in these hairless cats and began to selectively breed Egyptian cats. Due to its unusual appearance, this cat quickly gained great acceptance around the world. TICA recognized this breed in the nineties.

Characteristics of sphynx cats

  • Body: medium size, broad chest, muscular, and fine bones.
  • Weight: males between 5 and 7 kilos, females between 3 and 5 kilos.
  • Head: medium size, slightly rounded, wider than long and short muzzle.
  • Ears: very large and wide based.
  • Eyes: large and oval. The color will depend on their skin.
  • Legs: thin, long and muscular.
  • Claws: medium size, oval and high-padded.
  • Tail: fine, flexible and very long, almost as long as its own body.
  • Skin: covered with a slight hair, appearance and texture of the skin of a human baby. Wrinkles on forehead, neck and legs.
  • Colors: all colors and patterns are allowed.

Personality and behaviour of the breed

The Sphynx cat is very energetic and playful, extremely sociable, intelligent and curious. It is a true cat of interior since to the lack of coat constantly it looks for sources of heat, also is very susceptible to the solar burns, for that reason you will have to be very careful whenever the Sphynx leaves to the outside. It is not an aggressive cat, so I could coexist to the perfection with children and any other mascot. The Sphynx is very active and loves heights, so we recommend cat trees and shelves for it to climb.

Curiosities of the Egyptian cat breed

It is necessary to clarify that the Egyptian cat is not a hypolargenic cat, since it tends to have dandruff that to the allergic ones they produce still more allergy than the hair. An important aspect to emphasize is that, everything and its appearance, is a cat also that yes has hair. However, a type of hair or soft and thin fuzz, and their whiskers are very fine and clear.

Special care for the Egyptian breed

The Sphynx will need good skin care. As it has such a short hair, it will need a bath 3 times a week with a veterinary shampoo for oily skin, as the perspiration and secretions cause dandruff. In addition, it is necessary to take care of it of the solar exhibition and, in cold stations, a coat extra because it tends to suffer from hypothermia. As for his feeding, he will have to be more caloric than a normal cat, because from the food he will get the extra calories to maintain his optimal body temperature.