Siberian cat breed

The Siberian cat breed is native to Russia. This type of cat is not suitable for small living quarters, as it is a very active breed. It is also not a cat suitable for warm climates, because of their coat. However, it is a pet that can live with any other pet and children without any inconvenience. Although it does not seem it is a cat apt for allergic people since it does not produce dandruff. Besides, he is a very cuddly cat, intelligent, playful, independent and he is not afraid of loneliness.

Siberian Cat breed

General information about the breed

The Siberian cat is native to Russia and emerged about a thousand years ago, due to the crossing of domestic cats with Russian wild cats, also called forest cats. This type of cat, in his best times, was considered an aristrocathic cat, came to vIvir in Russian palaces as a pet of the Tsars. Later, during the time of the Soviet regime, this race lost all its importance, since the company animals were prohibited, then the farmers maintained them in a semi hidden way.

The first appearance of a Siberian cat was in a cat show in 1987 in Moscow, and in this way it went from being a practically unknown cat to being a national symbol of Russia. After that show it was introduced in Europe, starting in Germany in 1989, and soon after it would arrive to America, starting in the United States in 1990. In 1996 it was officially recognized by TICA.

Breed characteristics

  • Body: medium size, muscular and heavy-boned.
  • Weight: males between 7 and 9 kilos, females between 5 and 7 kilos.
  • Head: rounded, medium size, a little wider than long and with prominent cheeks.
  • Eyes: large and slightly rounded, the color will correspond with its coat.
  • Nose: long and wide.
  • Ears: medium size, wide base and rounded tips.
  • Legs: medium length, muscular and strong.
  • Claws: large and rounded.
  • Tail: long, tapering at the tip and very bushy.
  • Hair: long, longer on chest, tail and neck. Very dense, soft and shiny.
  • Colors: only the colors lilac and brown are not accepted in any quantity or pattern. Apart from these, all other colours and patterns are accepted.

Personality and behaviour of the breed

The Siberian breed is not suitable for apartment life. You can live with any kind of pet and with children without any major inconvenience. This breed is not recommended for warm places either, as it would suffer a lot from heat. The Siberian is a very independent cat, intelligent, affectionate, playful, very active and not very aggressive. He will be very happy to have access to a garden where he can run around, climb and play hunting. This breed is ideal for those who are absent from home for several hours because he is not afraid of loneliness.

Curiosities of the race

The Siberian breed is suitable for people with allergies because its skin does not produce dandruff, which contains the protein Fel D1, which causes 80% of allergies.

Special care for the breed

The Siberian cat won’t need a lot of special care, a frequent brushing will be enough and it will be very important not to bathe it so that it doesn’t lose the waterproofing of its coat. It is also advisable to give him a special food to prevent the appearance of hairballs.

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