Japanese Bobtail Cat

The Japanese Bobtail is one of the oldest cat breeds, it is over a thousand years old. In its long history it has passed from better and worse moments: from being a valued cat of the fifth Japanese order, it was degraded and expelled only to the hunt of mice, until it became a stray cat. This cat is perfectly adapted to life in flats and houses, it is not jealous. He also lives very well with dogs, cats and children. He is very playful, intelligent, talkative and if we train him he can learn tricks just like a dog would.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

General information about the Japanese Bobtail breed

The Japanese Bobtail, everything and its name, is of Chinese origin and not from Japan. The history of this cat breed goes back to the Chinese Emperor in the 6th century. This emperor gave cats with their tails cut off as a gift to his neighbor Nippon. In those years this type of cat reached the aristocratic rank of «fifth Japanese order».

In the 17th century the emperor of Japan ordered that all Bobtail cats be degraded to rodent hunting to care for rice fields and silk fields, and thus was strictly prohibited the sale and maintenance of this race, as a result, became an icon of the streets of Japan. In 1968 the Japanese Bobtail is introduced to the United States. Finally, in 1979 it was officially accepted as a breed by TICA.

Breed characteristics:

  • Body: medium size, elongated, muscular and slender
  • Weight: males between 3 and 4 kilos, females between 2 and 3 kilos.
  • Legs: long and thin.
  • Claws: oval and small.
  • Head: rounded and of medium size.
  • Muzzle: elongated and rounded.
  • Nose: long and narrow.
  • Ears: long and straight; in alert position.
  • Eyes: large and oval, the color depends on the coat. They can have different colored eyes.
  • Hair: short or semi-long, silky and soft.
  • Colors: white, red, black, white on black, red and white, tortoiseshell, and other patterns depending on the combination.

Personality and behaviour of the Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cats are a very meowing breed. Their meowing is very pleasant: it is soft and very sweet. He is a very affectionate cat and he likes to play a lot. He can live perfectly in flats and houses. He also gets along very well with dogs, small children and other cats. He is a very intelligent cat, he learns tricks very easily, just like a dog can be trained to use a leash. He adapts well to changes, trips, removals, or when the family is enlarged.

Special care for the breed

This breed is in excellent health and does not need much care. It will only need occasional brushing and good quality fish food if possible.

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