American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair is a very active cat that likes to play, a suitable animal for large families, small families or even for a single owner. Due to his past as a hunting cat, he is not a type of cat recommended for small homes. This restless cat needs space to run around and play hunting.

American Shorthair Cat

General information about the American Shorthair cat

The American Shorthair is a cross between the Common European Cat breed, carried by the Conquistadors, and the British Domestic Cat breed. It was only recognized as a breed in the 1960s. Nowadays it has a great number of followers all over the world, becoming one of the most popular cats.

Characteristics of the American Shorthair:

  • Body: strong and muscular, athletic and with a large chest.
  • Legs: medium size but very strong and muscular.
  • Weight: in an adult male between 5 and 6 kilos and in females between 4 and 5 kilos.
  • Tail: regular size and with the widest base.
  • Head: large, rounded and wide, with full cheeks.
  • Nose: medium length and firm chin.
  • Ears: slightly rounded, narrow and medium size.
  • Eyes: large and round. Golden, blue or green, always related to their hair color.
  • Hair: short, thick, rough to the touch, but shiny.

Accepted colors for the breed:

  • Solid colors: black, reddish brown, white, smoky blue.
  • Chinchilla: Belly, chest, chin, and ear hairs white with sides of body black faded, tail with black stripes, head with fine black lines.
  • Shell cameo: pancake, chest, chin, and ear hairs red, with sides of the body black faded, tail with black stripes, head with fine black lines.
  • Tortoise shell: black hair, with red and cream spots.
  • Calico: white coat with black and red spots.
  • Cream blue: grey fur with white-cream spots
  • Tabby: there are three variants of tabby:
  • Mackerel: brown, red and blond tabby.
  • Classic: grey and black marble, or blond and red.
  • Patched: red, brown, blond, gray and/or smoke.

Personality and behaviour of this short-haired breed

This is not an appropriate cat type for an apartment, because it needs space to play and train its hunting skills. He is a friendly, sociable and playful cat. He enjoys a lot of human company, doesn’t usually have a favourite in the family and is suitable for large or single families.

Special care for the breed

The American Shorthair is a simple cat that only needs a weekly brushing and playing a lot of hunting.

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