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You’ve just arrived at the most catlike website on the Internet. Here you will find all kind of information about the different cat breeds that exist. We are passionate about cats and the cat is our greatest passion, whether they are mixed or purebred cats. So if you want to join us, we will be happy to explain you all our knowledge about cats. Whatever their breed is, you will find it here.

What breeds of cat will you find here?

Cat breeds: everything you need to know!

When you want to adopt a cat, several questions arise immediately. The first one is obviously to know if you want to buy a cat with pedigree in a cattery and therefore from a breeder or rather to adopt a crossed cat in a shelter or an association. In the case of a cat with a pedigree, one has to think about the different hereditary diseases that would be the responsibility of the breed. Do we want a cat with a very specific character, which is suitable for living in an apartment and doesn’t need much space, or on the contrary a very independent cat which can stay alone?

Of course, these questions should be asked before the adoption of the animal so that everything goes well afterwards during the cohabitation with his new companion. Follow the guide!

How to choose the breed of my cat ?

Unlike dog breeds, which actually have specific behavioural characteristics, things are less clear-cut with cats. The first criterion that will make you choose a pedigree cat instead of a cross-bred street cat will therefore be its physique and morphology: long or short hair (or even no hair at all), a dense and silky coat, a coat with a specific pattern, eyes of a precise colour, a flattened nose, a size… Here, therefore, it will only be a question of taste.

But what about the cat’s character? Can one choose to adopt a pedigree cat with behavioural criteria? Are some pedigree cats quieter, more playful or more affectionate than others? Are some cats more sociable and affectionate than others? Is a cat breed more suitable for children or older people?

It’s hard to say. But it’s obvious that not all cat breeds have the same character and behaviour. Some cats will be wilder like the Abyssinian and the Bengali, while other cat breeds will be more sociable and more willing to spend long periods of time cuddling, like the British and Persian chinchillas. On the other hand, the Siamese cat will be more exclusive and particularly talkative, while the Turkish Angora will be particularly fussy and the Sphinx will be a real glue pot !

To go a step further and see which cat breeds are right for you, take our test to find out which cat breeds are right for you.

Breed cat or stray cat: what are the differences ?

Choosing to adopt a pedigree cat or a stray cat (not to be confused with the European cat) is mainly a matter of taste. Because the main difference between a cat with pedigree and a stray cat lies in its physical appearance: morphology, coat, length of hair, eye color, muzzle …

The advantages of a cat with a pedigree

If you want a cat with a very specific morphology, it is on the side of pedigree cats that you should convert. Indeed, the cats of race have a very particular physique, which answers to precise criteria and which is the result of a long process of genetic selection.

Do you dream of a blue-eyed kitten? A small feline with dense hair or on the contrary with short hair? A flattened muzzle? All these criteria vary from one breed to another, but they can be selected when choosing a cat breed because it must meet very precise standards. This is not the case when you choose an alley cat, or even a mongrel cat. In this case, it is more difficult to know exactly how the cat will be as an adult.

The disadvantages of the pedigree cat

However, it should be noted that purebred cats are more prone to genetic diseases. The Maine Coon and Devon Rex, for example, are often prone to heart disease.

The other aspect to consider is the financial aspect. And rightly so, since the price of an alley cat is not at all the same as that of a purebred cat. When an alley cat can be sold for a fairly reasonable sum, the pedigree cat will be sold at a very high price, sometimes even several hundred euros.

As for the character, there are relatively few differences between a pedigree cat and an alley cat, although some behaviors can vary slightly. This can in no way be compared with dogs whose character varies greatly between breeds. But there are some differences anyway.

Breed recommendations according to common character traits

Loving cats: Siamese, Turkish Angora, Sphinx or Persian are particularly close to their master.
Quiet cats: Maine Coons, Persians or British are known not to be particularly active cats.
Active cats: the Devon Rex, the Chartered or the Abyssinian on the contrary are known to be strong heads and quite restless.
Dog-cat: The Maine Coon, the Ragdoll, the Egyptian Mau or the Turkish Van are cats with a character close to that of a dog.

Adopting a stray cat?

If you are no longer interested in your future cat or kitten’s physique and simply want to adopt a cat to share good times in its company, it may be interesting to opt for a simple alley cat that you will find in a shelter or with an association. Many cross-bred cats are waiting to be adopted and are as sociable and fond of petting as a small cat from a cattery or pet shop.

Street cats can have a morphology close to that of a purebred cat depending on the crosses. Therefore, there is an infinity of options between these cats that can have very different coats to each other, but also eyes of different colors, a coat more or less important…

Finally, there is nothing like adopting an adult cat to know its character perfectly beforehand.